(in English) ABOUT US

mss_logoMostecká solidární síť (MSS) (“Solidarity Network from Most”) operates from april 2013. It is a network of workers, unemployed, students and pensioners organized on egalitarian principles. We associate in order to defend our interests through collective action and mutual aid.

We work in various kinds of environments including streets, schools workplaces, neighbourhoods and wherever else the bosses, landlords or officials opress us and where we can also effectively fight back.

We associate in order to help each other to mutual benefit. Lone individual is defenseless. However, collective resistance and solidarity can become effective tools of resistence.

Do you have a problem with unpaid wage(s)? Are you involuntary working overtime? Surprised by the hikes in your rents? Your deposit was not paid back? Do you feel bullied by officials? Do you have another problem of the kind with your boss, landlord or the officials? Contact the Solidarity Network from Most.

We will discuss the problem with you and we will assess our capablity of helping you to solve it. As a first step we usually deliver your demands to the person responsible with the term to meet them. We also inform the person responsible about the engagement of our organization in the case and that we are ready to take further steps provided the demands are not met. The steps taken depends on your decision, the reaction of the other party and on what is within our compass.

In order to reach its goals, The Solidarity Network from Most is ready to employ the methods of direct action proven successfull in many similar small- and larger-scale disputes around the world. The Solidarity Network from Most is not a charity, though, but a mutual aid network. This means we are not going to solve problems for someone else without his or her participation, but only in the full collaboration with the individual affected. Hence, we welcome the active participation of the affected individuals.

We conduct our activities in our free time and none of us is paid for his or her participation in The Solidarity Network from Most. We refuse to cooperate with political parties and state institutions, our organization is autonomous and egalitarian. We show solidarity with the oppressed and we unite with them in otder to expand the network of mutual aid in the workplaces and communities.

If you are interested in our work, please write us on